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Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a unique system for evaluating body function. The body is a self-regulating mechanism and when health is lost, something is interfering with the body’s adaptability and its ability to cope with different environmental stresses. Examination using AK is directed toward how the body is dysfunctioning, the cause of the dysfunction, and the therapeutic efforts that will enable it to regain and maintain health. 

Applied Kinesiology
AK is a wonderful form of diagnosis using muscle testing as a mechanism to examine how a person’s body is functioning and examine organ imbalance and energy blockage. The muscle tests do not always evaluate the muscle for power but evaluate how the Nervous System controls the muscle and organ function. 

Muscular imbalance can distort structural posture and even has an effect on other organ functions. Muscle testing can be thought as functional neurology and the correct treatment reestablishes balance and strength to the muscle and body.